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I am a huge people-person and spent several years in Banking, but a few years ago a serendipitous event inspired me to get into Information Technology, and I love it! Even more the field of Cyber security. There is nothing greater than finding new ways and technology to protect individuals and corporate against Cyber Crime.

Results-oriented and resourceful technology management professional with over 15 years of experience in Information Technology leadership. Self-motivated senior technology professional. Expertise in secure enterprise infrastructure planning, Security Governance and compliance, applications testing, and systems integration. A strong leader with considerable breadth of skills, both technically and non-technically. 

I love meeting new people and assisting them with knowledge and technology. When I'm not working, I am usually studying or reading about security or threats.

Specialties : 
Security Operations, Access Management, Network Security, Vendor Management, Strategic Planning,Incident Response, Security Architecture, ISO27001, HIPAA, PCI, NIST, Project Management, Risk Management, Team Motivation/Leadership, Incident Management,
Thought Leadership, ITIL Best Practices, Risk Monitoring.

Verify my skills: 

The security of your servers, workstations and network has always been important, it has however not always been a priority within most small to medium business.

For the most part, if a user had a password and anti-virus on their workstation, they felt secure.

It was true, that in the past most black hat hackers or malicious actors would target larger businesses and smaller businesses were relatively safe.

With the ever-evolving cyber security landscape changing and new and evolving threats such as ransomware, this has however changed, and the security of your network is now more important than ever.

Those malicious actors, or black hat hackers as they are known have come to understand that the larger businesses tend to have dedicated cyber security teams, and with multiple redundancies in place, better security. Whilst they are not impenetrable, the risk vs reward in hacking these companies is no longer the hackers favour.

With smaller and medium sized business in the past not really considering IT security, it is far easier for them to gain access to your environment and hold your data to ransom.

In addition, regulation and laws such as POPI which looks at the security of personal and user data makes considering your IT security not just essential but required by law.



My client base consists of residential, micro, small, medium and large businesses. Clients falling into all spectrums of the business world and ranging from small owner driven businesses to mining, industrial and manufacturing corporations.




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